Why the name ‘Dhairyam’?

The founder, Suchitra, says that her mother was her best friend till she passed away six years ago. If Suchitra had to summarize her mother’s teachings using a simple phrase, it would be ‘Dhairyam Sarvatra Saadhanam.’ All her hardships, complaints and stress would be blown away by her mother’s simple and tender words, “Dhairyam Sarvatra Saadhanam”.

Dheeraah shokam tarishyanti, labhante siddhimuttamam

Dheeraih samprapyate lakshmi dhairyam sarvatra saadhanam

This loosely translates to:

Brave people overcome immense grief and achieve great success in their life, leading to wealth and prosperity. Courage is the best means of achieving success in any field.

Do not let someone else define your limits. YOU are the one and only person who can decide who you are and what to become.

Vision 2035:

India will have an equal percentage of women leaders


To provide a definite roadmap for aspiring women to become leaders.

About the founder

Suchitra Hegde is a certified career counsellor, career coach and speaker. Suchitra was a speaker at the WomenTech Network’s Global Conference in 2020. In addition, she gave a talk during Continental Automotive’s Indian Women Excellence day, 2020. Authority Magazine has featured her interview.